We are experts in creating specific flavours for beverage and drinking.
Each one of the beverages are customized to meet the needs of various customers. With in-depth knowledge in the science of Sulphur chemistry, coffee chemistry, flavour modulation and sensate technology, We offers unique, yet enjoyable beverage flavours that you’ll love. Our production centre houses sophisticated beverage processing equipment – homogenizer, ultra-high temperature and retort thermal processors, for large scale beverage production.
Our creativity and expertise deliver incomparable beverage and water flavours. For every type of beverage, We can deliver the taste the customers will fall on love with. We offer:

We offer:
• Liquid Flavours
• Encapsulated Flavours for Dry Beverages
• Soft Drink Concentrate with Combination of Flavour + Colour + Emulsifier
• Cola Flavours & Boosters
• Orange Variants & Boosters
• Lemon Variants & Boosters
• Top Notes
• Combination of Flavours
• Indian ethnic beverage flavours