A thorough understanding of the market scenario, the changing tastes and trends among customers help us develop flavours that become instant hit with customers thus making your products stand above the rest. We use state-of-the-art equipment to develop the flavours and prototypes that meet market demand. Our preparations are ideally suited for Pastries, Cakes, Ghee Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, Glucose/Diet Biscuits to mention a few.

Basic Flavours: 

  • Butter /Vanilla / Powder Vanilla For masking the off notes of raw materials.
  • Rich top notes of butter / creamy vanilla/ milk / condensed milk /fresh.
  • milk for cream or shell.
  • Nut flavours.
  • Chocolate flavours
  • Fruit flavours for cream / shell with option of ripe / fresh /juicy notes
  • Composite flavours to give wholesome notes to biscuits / cakes/ pastries/ cookies
  • Tailor made flavours for exclusive usage.